Afterskool is one of the smaller bars of Soi Cowboy. It is located about in the middle of the Soi on the left side if you enter from Asoke road. There are many smaller bars in Soi Cowboy. We visit some of them from time to time. But Afterskool is the only one we visit more regularly.

The bar has a small dancing stage, with room for two girls to dance. The girls wear a kind of ‘school girl’ outfit, not very revealing though. If they are not familiar with you, the girls can be quite aggressive when you enter the bar for the first time. It is not uncommon to find yourself surrounding by about 6-10 girls, all trying to get our attention and a lady drink. By the way, drinks are cheap in this bar, with beer priced at 70 baht.

This bars is one of those that have a ‘naughty boy’ corner. At the far end of the bar, customers who need some ‘hand massage’, are sometimes serviced by the girls, who usually work in pairs to do this job. Reportedly, customers have been serviced like this right in the middle of the bar, but it must be said, that the girls seem to have some capability in ‘protecting the privacy’ of their customers.

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