The Cowboy 2 Gogo Bar is located halfway along Soi Cowboy Bangkok. It’s almost impossible to miss this place right in the center of Soi Cowboy as it doesn’t only have a huge number of girls but also some of the youngest and sexiest ones on the strip. Cowboy 2 is a true paradise if you like “fresh” girls and that means not only in terms of age but also that many of them have just recently started to work in the bar.

The girls are divided into 2 categories: Go Go Girls and Coyotes. The latter ones are more attractive and have a higher bar fine (see below). Cowboy 2 must be the only bar where it’s more fun to sit outside because of the great views all around.

You can have a lot of fun here at Cowboy 2. The dance floor is in the middle and they can get about 18 girls up dancing comfortably. Some dancers really know how to move and you will be hard pressed finding better at any other gogo bars. At Cowboy 2 the dancers aren’t shy about having a bit of fun and before you know it you will be thinking of bar fining one of them. The music selection here is excellent therefore the dancers never miss a beat. You may find yourself locked onto a couple of dancers during their whole time on stage.

You don’t get hassled for drinks but the gogo dancers do want your company therefore dont hold back calling one of then over for a drink. You might be missing out on a night to remember.There’s one big stage inside with about 18 girls dancing at all times. Unfortunately they have a no-take-off policy here but that’s typically the trade-off you have to make when visiting a Go Go Bar: Either beautiful girls in bikinis or average girls naked.

  • Prices:150 Baht for beers which is relatively cheap compared to other bars. However, the lady drinks at Cowboy 2 are quite expensive at 200 Baht (tequila) and 230 Baht (beer/whiskey-cola). The bar fine for the Go Go Girls is 800 Baht and for the Coyote Girls it’s a whopping 3,000 Baht. Are they 3.75 times more attractive? Of course not.

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