An easy bar to find within Soi Cowboy is the lit up DejaVu Go-Go Bar which is located opposite the Rawhide bar. There are always plenty of girls and dancers out front taking a break and with their neon lights makes the Déjà Vu Bar extremely eye catching.

As you enter DejaVu Go-Go Bar which is large for a gogo bar. The dance floor is T-shaped and would hold about 17 dancers comfortably. There were seven Coyote Dancers up dancing when we entered and all looked very good. One in particular I would have no hesitation bar fining there and then. Trouble is you cant bar fine coyote dancers.

There are always lots of customers inside and you can have a dancer over for a drink. They often sit on your lap for a while dancing happily to the music. Good luck though as the price of a lady drink is 250 Baht… It looks well worth it.

Here they have some larger women that they like to be called hostesses and will come to have a drink with you. I think bargirl is still more appropriate. So stuff it I haven’t seen this set up before. II get one of the bargirls over for a drink. A beer cost 200 Baht.

She is about 20 kg heavier than the gogo dancers and would be over 30 yrs. I listen to her story that I have heard so often and here it is…… 2 kids to a Thai guy who has hit the road years ago… never to be seen again!.. Of course if she suddenly won the lottery I’m sure he would show himself again HA HA.

There is some very good dancers here at DejaVu and they do interact well with the customers. A couple of the gogo dancers were hard to take your eye of as looked stunning on the dance floor.

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