Lollipop Gogo Bar is located on the ground floor of Nana Plaza next to Bangkok Bunnies. We arrived at Lollipop at around 9:30 pm. The bar out front has plenty bargirls working inside. At the back of the bar is the entrance to the gogo bar. It is best to sit around a bit outside as before 10pm is a bit early. This is a good spot to sit and watch what is happening within Nana Plaza. Their large neon sign clearly looks good at night.

Previously named Suckers they reverted back their old name Lollipop in May 2017. Periodically a gogo dancer came out from the gogo bar and yes they are attractive. The bargirls are dressed casually and I would say all have had a child some more than 1 which is the norm. The setup with the bargirls within the front bar is good as they are not going to get dragged away to dance.

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