There are 5 Rainbow Bars at Nana Plaza but Rainbow 2 Go-Go Bar is the destination tonight which is located on the ground floor of Nana Plaza and is the last bar on the RHS. Rainbow 2 is large. When you walk up to the entrance it’s as if they tried to squeeze one last bar into Nana Plaza. There is a large elevated dance floor in the middle which could hold around 20 dancers comfortably, when we entered there were 18 women up dancing.

A Tiger beer cost 155฿ and if you get a bit frisky and wish to bar fine someone it will cost you 600฿. A quick scan around at the clientele within the bar, I would say its 90% Japanese, well I guess we will stand out like a sore thumb tonight. The music’s good here and most dancers know how to put on a good show with there dancing.

Being the token round eye here tonight we are still getting plenty of attention from the women when they are up on stage so its not an exclusive club here so don’t be put of thinking the women working here are just interested in Japanese customers I think they would like there backboard hit once and a while.

The drink staff are all friendly and it felt like every 10 minutes we were being asked, do I want to bring one of the ladies over for a drink. If you’re in the mood to barfine any one at Nana Plaza Soi 4 Bangkok then try to have a look inside Rainbow 2 as there are some very attractive women working here therefore you might be missing out by taking a single mother from the beer bars.

Obviously there will be a few single mothers here at Rainbow 2 but the big difference is these women have looked after their bodies very well.

After about 6 song they have a shift change and there is no drop in standard of the dancing up on stage but this time there is 3 dancers that are a bit larger than the other women in cup size so there’s a bonus if you’re into breasts.

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