Located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza is the Twister Bar in the old Rainbow 4 gogo bar location who have relocated just next door. The Twister bar is a medium sized gogo bar that boasts two L shaped dance floors with the RHS dance floor being the mirror version of the left. There are tiered bench seats on either side of the dance floors. Against the wall as you enter they have tall tables with stools where you do get a good view of the dancers in front of you. Stools surround the dance floors.

Each dance floor has 15 dancers on stage and I have found the dancers facing the tables to be the most energetic. The gogo dancers can get quite erotic at times especially if they have locked onto someone who is here for a good time.

If you’re out to party with the women then the stools are the best spots to sit as the dancers will make themselves comfortable between your legs. Which is a hell of a lot better than having a hot woman just sit next to you on a bench seat. Some people just don’t get it!!

The dancers on a break do come over and see if you want to spend some time hanging out. I did notice more than one guy that took them up on their offer and were surely having a good time.

The Twister Bar is one of those bars that you will notice has an atmosphere where you could spend your night here at Nana Plaza. The DJ is good and plays some decent music that keeps the dancers bopping along.

A tiger beer is 160 Baht and a lady drink is 185 Baht. If you plan on barfining someone for the evening then that will cost 1000 Baht. The average barfine price for Nana Plaza runs at around 700 Baht making The Twister Bar a bit more expensive than the average.

The Twister Bar is well worth a look as they have a very good group of dancers who are keen to have a bit of fun. The staff are all friendly which does add to the whole experience of going to a gogo bar.

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